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Conference 12

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Welcome to the North East Quality Council


The North East Quality Council (NEQC) is a grouping of more than twenty Sections of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), located in the North East.

To deliver superior educational products and services that maximize value to the customer and lead individuals and organizations throughout the North East to performance excellence.


  • Leadership: Provide consultation to ASQ Sections (Developmental, Educational, Financial, etc.)
  • Sections: Provide vehicle for effective communication flow to, from and between ASQ Sections that are NEQC members.
  • ASQ: Coordinate regional information exchange within ASQ.
  • Outreach: Reach out to relevant external organizations.
  • Individual: Promote education development within the region.


To initiate information exchange and provide leadership support to Member Section for the promotion of professionalism, quality, and process improvement.


  1. Promote the exchange of ideas and experiences in the use and application of the quality sciences and associated principals.
  2. Promote and coordinate the exchange of ideas and experiences among Member Sections that will improve the operation and management of the Sections.
  3. Engage in other activities that will promote the vision, mission or objectives of the American Society for Quality and the North East Quality Council.