Welcome to the North East Quality Council


The North East Quality Council (NEQC) is a grouping of more than twenty Sections of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), located in the North East.

To deliver superior educational products and services that maximize value to the customer and lead individuals and organizations throughout the North East to performance excellence.


Jay PatelWelcome to the 61st NEQC Conference


NEQC’s Conferences have a tradition of bringing together quality and industry professionals for a total perspective on system, process and people improvements.

NEQC has put together an excellent program for this year for professional development with educational seminars and stimulating conference topics. Our conference goal is for you to gain successful ideas you can easily implement right away!

As in the past we have a great variety of presentations by people who are real practitioners in the field of quality; they’re not just talking about theory but about actual practices and real experiences that you can learn from. A wide variety of topics are available to choose from.

This year’s conference theme is “World Class Global Management System: Performance thru 6Ps: Principles, Process, Plan, People, Partners, and, Problem Solving” NEQC is pleased to bring the people together to help professionals & practitioners find what it takes to improve performance in this ever-changing global economy. Our speakers are experts by whom you will be inspired and their motivated messages will guide you on a path of innovative improvements of endless possibilities! Don’t miss it!!