NEQC Volunteer Needs
Officers Duties Prerequisites suggested Estimated time
Chair -Manage Council activities
-Perform duties of the position if volunteer is not available
-Work with Officers, council members, committees and contractors for planning, coordination, implementation
-Committee Experience
-Officer Secretary or Treasurer
-Vice chair or Minimum 5 years NEQC exp.
200 hrs /Yr
Vice Chair -Direct Award and conf. committee activities -5 years within NEQC
-Conf. Committee experience
100 hrs/yr
Treasurer -Pay bills, Manage financials and report financials each quarter -Treasurer experience at section level or equivalent 40 hrs/yr
Conference Chair -Manage Conf. Activities -5 years in Conf. Activities 300 hrs/every two yrs
Education Chair -Manage seminars and courses Education
100 hrs/yr
Marketing Chair -Market research for conference and seminar topics, locations
-Identify mailing and e mail list
-Conduct publicity activities
Publicity Chair experience 40 hrs/yr
Publicity Chair -Develop brochures
-Communication activities
Communication skills 40 hrs/yr
Conf. Program chair -Communicate with 50 speakers on all tasks and collect/review /finalize papers Program
200 hrs/every two years

You can volunteer for ASQ NEQC, please contact any officer or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.